Saturday, November 28, 2009

Preety good Video A dope Song too.

P Rod vs. Chris Cole in a game of "SKATE"

I Almost fell asleep. There two of the greatest in the
skateboarding game right now. Alot of kids look up to them
Me being one of them especially P Rod.
But check out the competition.

Pharrell WIliams x "The Tank Chair"

So this is Pharrell's second perspective chair. If you

havent seen the first check it out. But this chair along with

some other colors is gona be show at the

Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery here in miami. Take a peep

if your in the area.

BlackROC!!!!!! Mos Def x "Taxi"

Heres One of the Tracks from Dam Dash's
upcoming Project "BlackROc"
Mos is basically shittin on every track
ive heard so far.Please Dont sleep!!

Ski feat. Mos Def-Taxi from Creative Control on Vimeo.

N*E*R*D's New Chick

So i been Seein this girl on stage at every concert
with a mic in her hand jammin out on tour with N*E*R*D
and it turns out shes the Newest Member.
She started her own vid Blog Her names Rhea .
Some nice new energy for the band. Check her out.

LUPEEEEE x New Mixtape "Enemy of The State"

Download it, press the play button
and Let your ears do the Rest.
Trust, You will not Be dissapointed.


So im back in the bloggin game i been out for

a while but ima try to stay back on track this time.

Gots some preety good post to COMe so stay tuned.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Solemates chicago

Check em' out 

Pretty fly shit
( i mite just book a flight to) but yes so if your in chicago ITS A MUST 2708 north halsted | chicago, il 60614 | 773.327.7782 | mon-sat 12-8 | sun 12-5.....

“Mack Boyz Watch”

Casio x Mackdaddy

Casio x Mackdaddy "Mack Boyz Watch"

The Mack Boyz Watch comes in a green/purple colorway with red accents on the buttons. Mackdaddy is written on th strap and their logo has been placed on the display in the form of a backlight. The watch will be released on November 20th.

Eastpak x Silas Captive Backpack

This one is for my boy!!!
Eastpak x Silas Captive Backpack
Eastpak x Silas Captive Backpack

Breathe taking huh ? I mean this is dope,
I have nothing to say its just dope.. 
p.s. Bwoyyy ily 

24 Kilates x Reebok Pump “Bringback”

24 Kilates x Reebok Pump "Bringback"
Reebok Pump Bringback x 24 KILATES’, from the 20th anniversary collaboration collection
What Reebok is doing it actually pretty spiff, The shoe comes in full black suede with transparent plastic parts on both sides and of course on the tongue to see the inflatable chambers with details in orange, white and grey. 
Only 31 numbered pairs will be released on November 20th at 24KILATES.

Bape Winter 2009 collection

Bape Winter 2009 Collection | Check Accessories
Bape has their custom plaid patterns on their new products, which includes scarves, Baby Milo cellphone straps and plush toys, as well as a belt. Each piece comes in a series of colorways and is now available from Bape stores.

Reebok Pump 20th Anv.

highsnobiety caught up with Paul Litchfield to talk about the iconic shoe. Check it out

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vans Luxe: Spring 2010 Perf Leather Collection

Vans Luxe Collection: LesleyVans Luxe Collection: Chukka LowVans Luxe Collection: LesleyVans Luxe Collection: Wesley Strap

Gucci X unicef..

Joy bag 1
 I think its pretty neat that Gucci and unicef are doing this line.
Anything to contribute to children.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Urban buys..

Ok so my next purchase from urban consists of .. ( of course wonderful things but take a look) 

these are at 2 for 30 ↓(so i'll for 4, but diff colors duh)
 These are at $28 and im def buying em'↑ like asap..

(There's way more things but they dont have em' online so i'll just have to show you em' when i buy then but ohh trust me they are killer cute ! ahh can't wait)       

Free Boo-rritos !

I don't know about ya'll but i think that chipotle is like the best shit on earth, food wise, Brooo! on halloween go dressed up like a burritos and u get a freee burritos check us out...

Chipotle Pictures, Images and Photos