Sunday, March 29, 2009

Him & Her


Her♥ NYLON DUNKS (must cop)

What are Ends!?

Wondering what ends are? Well yo there bomb like i reallllyy would love to have a pair of these hanging from the strings of my hoodie or my kicks =) . I first saw them on vashtie's blog.
Im thinking you just snap them on but they're pretty fly. It's a must cop ; )


This Morning


Im currently blogging and watching the rerun of  the kids choice awards "big kid" huh..
I kinda do enjoy this stuff. Last night instead of going out i sat in front of my tv watching 3 disney movies back to back Hercules,Aladdin & Mulan. I had fun if you wondering =D.

Va$htie Kola

Ok no lie Vashtie Kola's like my idol her style and everything she does inspires me. No im not obsessed but i do check out her blog like everyday you guys should check it out. 

Justice Marley the great ; )

Ok so i've tried this blogging thing like 3 times already. It didn't quite work out those times only because i've been like mega busy nd shit but now i think i have enough time to work on it a couple of  days out of the week.