Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NEEd A effin supernova Of my OWN !!!

yo hands down this video is RETARDED!!!
Jus look at the dots on yeezy thats shits crazy
i love this song and the video goes perfect
with it thumbs up to the director. Hudson hurry
with that album!!!!


Sigg Jones X The Magic Dunk..Patent, or no Patent?

Alright so i never heard of this guy but from what ive
seen with his animations and stuff this guys
really talented like i really like this.
I think Nike should def make this sneaker
officicial but who knows mabe its in the makings!!

Alice in wonderland.




So the big shot over at Walt disney decided to redo Alice in Wonderland

i mean its gonna be super duper good..
Alice In Wonderland features Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter
Mia Wasikowska as Alice, and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen.
It's set to release on March 5th, 2010.

Monday, June 29, 2009

kid cudi & mama cudi

So to me i thought this was the sweetest thing ever
ight we knw im crush hard on the duder
(got a duder of my own tho & i also call em $cotty)
But yo kid cudi has got some wicked talent 
its not just the whole celeb thing 
he seems to be "good" in and out
he's music's bomb, his personality looks supr cool
(as i've seen)
I could go on for days but jus to keep it plain
he efffinn' bomb!

Sneak peak.

"As we are" Snippet !
(not super sure if that's gonna be the title tho)

ightie am i the only one going bananas about this collabo or what?
im like super duper sikkked about it!
and even tho' im pretty sure im gettn the cd for free
im gonna go spend my hard working money ; )
on it, deff worth it ..
-yours truly joo$e

Yeezy's pitched stage idea for Europe tour. Can some one say 14k bitch?

Alright yo so these are just the effin blue prints

Mind you i say "blue prints" Meaning its not the real thing
and im in amazment just from lookin at this so the

actual stage must be dope/raw/hot shit. Haha

thats whatsup good music in this bitch.
hope to catch ye here in miami soon.

Yes Yes and this is Dope! yes.

Finally yeezy's sneaker collaboration with
Louis Vuitton is ready to drop. With three different
styles the Don's, Ibn's, and the Hudsons
like the Nike Air Yeezy there will be a
limited amount so have the retail
price of 850 ready. Its worth it trust me
the pics speak for themselves.

Talk About WOOD GRAIN!!


This ipod mini was designed by an australian
named josh made with nothing but wood
and screws the other major parts were
made of brass plates. This is something i would
mos def. add to my collection of dope shit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kid Cudi x Sounds Like Paper

NYC Cudi and Chester French cmon man whatd'yu

expect shits gona be crazy wish i was there but

mabye ill catch cudder in the next concert

cant wait till Man On The Moon Drops.

Dream On GOOD!

Louis Vuitton x 2010 spring bag collection

what ya bag game like?..haha

What ya bag game like?..haha
I like LV alot although my collection is a wee bit
small but i dig this collection the leather
especcially for the winter and shit, its a good look for
consistent LV collectors.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Distant Relatives Damian Marley & Nas

Good music Good lyrics it's a movement

So my uncle D (Damian Marley)  and Nas are dishing up something the will be Bomb.

Guns for Girls!


Dope much ehh well this gadget here's a mace pepper gun..It has a load of features such as a lead light for aiming right and it shoots up to 25ft. so no one gets too close i mean i would get one most def but its not a toy so no jokie jokie..
Get one here...

BIg Dig house x dope houses

                                               I like this house you know? im preety close 
                                              with drafting and all that stuff, i've been taking 
                                              the class for the past two years.  I like this 
                                              design its the type i would aim for in the 
                                              near future when i start finishing up my 
                                              designs. But heres some dope pics.

Friday, June 12, 2009


i found em the nylon dunks that were no where to be found.
there totally there.



So you guys should def follow me
im super fun to follow i promise..
ok im sad im like super lame and no one follows m blog yet.
Pero just wait i'll be the hottest thing on the