Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Life updates...


  • Im currently soarin' Rite now im lost in the world of wonderful music.
  • Wonderful music: Bob Marley ,The Zig man, Kid cudi, Maxwell, Common, Yeezy,(you guys see where im going with this ..)
  • I borrowed him camera and captured moments that were miraculous..
  • The Film is done...
  • I am angry im not seeming to see where he's coming from
  • "If you loved me that much you would."
  • In the summer i will be interning at Married to the Mob.(NYC Yehh buddy)
  • Then A.i. for Fashion merching'(Downtown Miami)
  • Homecoming is on the 24th (i'll post pictures)
  • My heart hurts ( but i've been through worst )
  • Lately music has bin healing the pain (So ear phones are constantly plugged in my ears)
  • "My Umi said shine your light on the world"

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